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Bibliotheca Sefarad is a digital library of bibliographical references about Jewish culture and specialised in Judaism, Sephardism and the Inquisition. It was created on the basis of a private collection, which also gives us the possibility to have direct access to quite a wide range of digitized documents and old books. Possessing a bibliographic collection in constant growth, Bibliotheca Sefarad currently hosts more than sixteen thousand titles, among which manuscripts, leaflets, brochures, magazines and both old and modern and contemporary books can be found.

Bibliotheca Sefarad contains very different elements that are related to the Jewish world: Judaism in the Iberian Peninsula from Ancient times to our days, with special attention to the Middle Ages, converts, Chuetas of Mallorca, anti-Semitism, expulsion and the subsequent development in Sephardic communities.

By extension, the documentary collection also covers the Jewish people and the study of Israel´s history from its origins, religion, the State of Israel, personalities and literature by Jewish authors or related to Jewish topics, from different countries, mainly published in Spanish. The heading “Inquisition” contains various documents and books about the history of the Inquisition since it was established, the consolidation, rise, decline and abolition of the Holy Office, as well as the role of the courts, the most notorious trials (processes), prohibited books, all this in Spain, Portugal and America.


Bibliotheca Sefarad provides the interested persons with an extensive reference catalogue managed by a documentary database which contains, apart from books, a large number of indexes and references of articles, contributions and communications written by specialists in Judaism and the Inquisition. The catalogue is divided into three large sections:

General: here, you can make any query about all the titles of the library.

Antiquarian: this section contains books and documents dated from just before the invention of printing to 1940.

Contemporary: this section contains all bibliographic references of the library from 1940 until now.

Digitized: a selection of original manuscripts, leaflets and old books is displayed, classified by topics and being it constantly updated with new incorporations.

In order to facilitate your search for information, our catalogues have a wide selection of subjects to easily locate very different topics related to Judaism and the Inquisition.

Biblioteca Sefarad includes a repertory of publications in various languages, mainly in Spanish, but also in Catalan, French, English, Ladino and Portuguese.