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About us

Bibliotheca Sefarad is a digital library created from a private collection on history, literature and culture, specialized in Judaism, Sephardim, Inquisition and the Jewish People. It includes an active collection of: manuscripts, old and modern books, printed books, brochures, magazines and digital documents from the Middle Ages to the present.

The library covers very different plots related to the Jewish world: Judaism in the Iberian Peninsula from antiquity to the present day, with special attention to the Middle Ages, converts, chuetas, anti-Semitism, expulsion and the development of the Sephardic communities.


The collection brings together more than 20,000 volumes, studying the Jewish people, based on Israel’s history, from their origins, to religion, the State of Israel, personalities, and literature both from Jewish authors or other relevant authors writing about them. You will find materials in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, English and other languages.  The Inquisition epigraph covers numerous documents and books about the history of the Inquisition in Spain, Portugal and America, from its establishment, consolidation, rise, decline and abolition of the Holy Office, through the actions of the courts, the most notorious processes and prohibited books.

Bibliotheca Sefarad offers a wide search catalogue managed by a powerful documentary database in which, in addition to the catalogue record of each book or document, you will find a large number of indexes, notes and references to articles, papers and communications from specialists in Judaism and the Inquisition.

Knowledge, development and dissemination of the Jewish world and its culture

To achieve its objectives, Bibliotheca Sefarad uses the following resources:

An extensive catalogue

An alive library in constant growth that provides an extensive bibliographic catalogue accessible through a fast and easy-to-use documentary database.


The management of www.bibliothecasefarad.com with more than ten years of existence, used in more than one hundred countries and which currently reaches more than 130,000 users per year.


The celebration of thematic exhibitions, of those manuscripts and printed works that due to their interest, bring us closer to the history of the Jewish people, with special emphasis on Sepharad.

Promotion and collaboration

The promotion and collaboration in projects focus on the dissemination of bibliography about Judaism in Sepharad and by extension, to the Sephardic world.


The publication and dissemination of all kinds of works related to Jewish culture, throughout its history.